Take the first step towards global citizenship through the international real estate investments and residency & citizenship programs. A highly appreciated investment, freedom of travel, asset security, personal insurance, abetter education for your children, a secure future for next generations and many other advantages await you.
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Providing consultancy services in all stages from finding real estate investment to legal processes and obtaining a residence permit.

Founded by Teuta Narazan and Armağan Akyüz, Vesta Global provides marketing and sales consultancy service in the real estate sector. Vesta Global, where the experiences from different professional disciplines are combined, has a unique understanding and perspective besides the conventional business manners in the real estate sector.

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Residence Permit
Real Estate Selection and Purchasing Procedures

A potential real estate portfolio suiting your investment demands will be presented, you will visit the real estate with our representative in the country you are interested in, and all processes including purchase and title deed transactions will be organized.

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Attorney and Notary Procedures

The power of attorney procedures will be carried out through the law firm and notary public and all of the other legal and bureaucratic processes will be followed up. Our law firm will carry out all processes regarding the purchase of real estate and residence permits.

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