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The most favorable and the fastest residence permit program in the European Union is that of Greece.
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The Most Favorable Golden Visa Program in the European Union

The most favorable and the fastest residence permit program in the European Union is that of Greece.

It is possible to have a residence permit within 40 days with a real estate investment of only €250,000. The real estate investment can be residential or commercial.

By obtaining a residence permit in Greece, you can easily have the free movement right in 26 Schengen countries under the Golden Visa program.

The residence permit includes all family members including the real estate owner, his/her spouse, his/her children under 21, his/her parents, and the parents of his/her spouse.

Since there is no obligation to reside in or visit Greece, the real estate can be rented out.

In Greece, you only pay tax on your relevant rental income. Your income in other countries is not subject to taxation.

Why Greece?

  • The only program being the neighbor of Turkey
  • The most suitable conditions with only € 250,000
  • Fast and easy approval processes
  • 8 flights a day to Athens
  • 16.000 km coastline, around 400 blue beaches
  • 3.000 islands including 170 habitable islands
  • 250 sunny days a year
  • The country with the closest culture to Turkey


  • Real estate investment of € 250,000 as determined by the Greek Government
  • Transfer of the minimum investment amount to a bank from a country other than Greece
  • Getting the minimum investment amount without mortgage (It is possible to get credit for higher amounts)
  • Being a citizen of a country that is not a member of the European Union
  • Absence of criminal records of the investor and his/her family members applying for Golden Visa

Vesta Global program services:

  • Attorney services (real estate acquisition and golden visa transactions)
  • Notary public fees
  • Greece real estate commissions
  • 1-year minimum health insurance required for a family of 3
  • Golden Visa applications for a family of 3
  • Court expenses
  • Obtaining a tax identification number
  • Other expenses such as VAT difference (VAT is 24% in Greece)
  • Vesta Global service fee


VAT of 24% for the first-hand real estate

Purchase and sale tax of 3.09% for the second-hand real estate

Title deed registration tax of 0.5%-0.8% (varies by region)

Annual real estate tax of 0.25%-0.35% (varies by region)

Tax of income from rental of 15% (increases gradually)